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8 Signs Senior Living Should be an Option

Jun 21, 2017

8 Signs Senior Living Should be an Option


1. Mobility issues: This is a common reason why families consider assisted living.  An elderly loved one may be bit of a fall risk or need help transferring to a wheelchair, for instance.

2. Trouble keeping up with personal care: Sometimes a senior parent is having trouble with personal hygiene such as showering or keeping clothing clean, or they need help coping with incontinence, dressing themselves, eating properly or other day-to-day care.

3. Home safety issues:This often goes along with mobility issues. If a person is having trouble getting around their home, going up and down stairs, or operating appliances, assisted living may be the way to go. Driving safely may also become an issue.

4. Problems with household care or finances: Household neglect can become a serious problem, whether it's spoiled food, overflowing trash, or failure to pay utility bills.

5. Increasing health care needs: Plenty of family members come to realize that their parent's care needs have moved beyond the caregiver's physical or emotional abilities, particularly if a loved one has dementia.

6. Mild cognitive impairment: Cognitive decline can have serious ramifications, especially if your loved one can't take medications correctly, is not able to fix a meal or doesn't remember to eat. If a loved one exhibits confusion, poor judgment, or other signs of cognitive impairment, assisted living is often a good next step.

7. Wandering / behavioral issues: These may come into play for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. When dementia progresses to the point where they begin wandering, or they exhibit behavioral problems such as aggression or anger, a family caregiver may decide their loved one needs residential care.

8. Loneliness or social isolation: If a senior family member is showing signs of loneliness or depression, such as giving up hobbies, withdrawing from friends, or rarely leaving the house, it may be time to consider a senior living residence.


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