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15 Signs Why Your Loved One May Benefit From Next Stage's Services

Feb 3, 2018

Next Stage has compiled a list of 15 signs why your loved one may benefit from our services.  If your loved one is experiencing one more multiple of these signs and you are looking for advice, guidance or support please contact our office today and speak with a Senior Advisor. 

1. Diagnosed with Dementia or Early Onset Alzheimers

2. Unable to manage daily intake of medications

3. Loss of interest in activities & hobbies

4. Weight loss & lack of appetite

5. Falling behind on bills & bouncing checks

6. Not keeping up with personal care (bathing, toileting, dressing, etc.)

7. No longer doing housekeeping, clutter & laundry piling up

8. Incontenience issues & smell of urine in the home

9. Forgetfulness & confusion when performing familiar tasks

10. Desire to be social and active

11. Difficulty with walking, balance & mobility

12. Missing scheduled appointments

13. Spoiled food that does not get thrown away

14. Bruising on the body that is unexplained

15. Unexplained dents & scratches on the car

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