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Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Caregiver For You or Your Loved One

Posted on 03/02/2022

Hiring a caregiver for you or your loved one is a daunting task.  Since you are opening your home up to this individual and trusting them with one of your most prized possession you want to make sure the individual that you hire is trustworthy and qualified for the job. 

To help with this process, Next Stage Senior Guidance came up with 5 key questions to ask when interviewing your potential candidate. 

1)    Why did you choose to be a caregiver?

A good caregiver is a kind hearted, warm and caring individual.  You are looking for someone who takes pride in their job and enjoys helping the elderly.  If there are in this industry for only a paycheck than the individual is not fit for you or your loved one. 

2)    What kind of training and certificate do you have in caregiving?

The answer you are looking for when asking this question is that the individual is a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) licensed through the state of NJ.  Ask to see proof of license.  You can also verify online through the board of nursing.  You want to make sure that their license is in good standing and has no disciplinary action against it.  You will also want to make sure that they are keeping up to date with their CEU’s (continuing education unit).  A bonus would be if the caregiver is CPR and first aid training as well.    

3)    Tell me about your work experience. 

Ask about their previous jobs.  Did they work privately for a family or did they work with a licensed agency.  How many years of experience do they have in the industry.  How long have they been a certified home health aide?  It is also good to find out what other conditions or diagnosis their past clients have had.  You want to look for someone who is familiar with your loved one’s condition so they can teach you a thing or two vs. you having to teach them.  Ask for 2-3 professional references and make sure to call and verify employment.  Lastly, make sure a criminal background check is run.  You can order this through an online site.  It will cost between $30-50.00 but will be worth every dollar. 

4)    How long do you intend to stay at this job?

Caregiver turnover will have a negative impact on you or your loved one’s quality of life.  Continuity and consistency is very important as you are searching for a caregiver.  When asking this question, you are looking for someone who does not plan on leaving after a short period of time.  You want someone who is in it for the long haul. 

5)    Are you able to lift heavy weights?

Making sure your potential caregiver does not have lifting restrictions is also very important.  You need to prepare for the future.  You or your loved one may not need assistance with lifting now however in the future this may be an important task to the care plan.  Also, you want to avoid the caregiver getting injured while on shift.  This can cause additional expenses as well as jeopardizing you or your loved one’s health.

For more information regarding how to hire a caregiver and the appropriate questions to ask, please call Next Stage Senior Guidance at 732-310-3647!  We are here to help and put ease to this difficult process.