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Next Stage Senior Guidance Helped Another Family!

Jun 21, 2017

Next Stage Senior Guidance just helped another family fulfill all of there Senior Living Placement needs!  We have been touring wonderful communities throughout Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  Call the experts today to get all your questions answered.  We are available by telephone 24/7 - (732) 310-3647.

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Alzheimer's New Jersey

Jun 23, 2017

A special thank you goes out to Rooney's as they hosted a kick off party to celebrate summer at the Jersey shore and also to get us excited about the Walk to Fight Alzheimer's in Pt. Pleasant on September 23 2017. As a committee member of the Walk we were there and it was a beautiful event. Be sure to stop by our table on the 23rd. 

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Can Fasts and Fad Diets Be Good for You?

Jun 12, 2017

Can Fasts and Fad Diets Be Good for You? Lose weight! Try this pill! Eat this single food! Are timeworn diet gimmicks now actually safe to use? Many might remember the dieting fads of the 1950s and later, as women attempted to cinch in ever-thinner waistlines. Of course, dieting isn’t always about weight loss. It can also be about chronic disease management to help people fight obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more. Even today...

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Protecting Seniors From Dangerous Summer Heat

Jun 4, 2017

Heat is a potentially deadly problem—nearly 400 Americans die from heat waves each year. Most of them are elderly people who often don't realize when they are overheating and in danger.   Part of the problem lies in the fact that older people simply can't handle the heat as well as younger ones, because they don't sweat as effectively and have poorer circulation. Obesity, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and other chronic medical condit...

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Next Stage Senior Guidance is officially open for business!

Jun 2, 2017

I would like to announce that Next Stage Senior Guidance has officially opened the doors for business!  We are excited to assist and guide our seniors and their loved one's in the Next Stage of their life.  Our certified senior advisors are experts in this field and want to share their expertise and knowledge with you.  Please call today to set a FREE consultation!  


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