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Our Mission

Dear Visitor,

I always knew from a very young age that helping people and guiding them during the good and unpredictable times was my calling. After discovering that being a "hands-on" nurse wasn’t for me, I pursued my true passion through obtaining my Health Information Management Degree while simultaneously working in a hospital setting. Throughout this experience, I found it admirable that families stuck together during hospital visits, and I grew a better understanding of how trying the later years in life could get. I thought to myself how lucky I was to have grandparents who were in good health and didn't go through hardships before they passed away. After this, I sought out a better way to help seniors.

Once I began working in assisted living, I found myself learning about the legal needs of seniors and forming relationships with residents and the families that were touring. As time went on, I had a deeper understanding that everyone’s needs, fears, and desires were different. With this knowledge, I knew I had to make the steps of the aging process easier and more personalized for seniors and their loved ones. That’s why I obtained my National Certified Senior Advisor Certification and founded Next Stage Senior Guidance.

With our team’s combined experience of 20 years in the healthcare field, we wish to share what we have learned by providing helpful resources, information, and hands-on assistance. To scratch the surface of what we do, we partner with elder law attorneys who assist with legal paperwork and use simple terminology that everyone can comprehend. We work with Medicare specialists who will help you or a loved one get the most out of your plan with explanations on details you might not understand. Our dedicated team will be your partners and advocates in selecting the perfect assisted living community, along with much more.

We promise to walk along with you in all aspects. From touring each community together to relieving you of worry and fear, we wish to be the lighthouse that guides you through the dark. Next Stage Senior Guidance is here for you and your loved ones just as I was there for my dear gram who helped raise me. Let's step into this Next Stage of your life together!