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About Us

Next Stage Senior Guidance is all about... YOU. We've been in your shoes on both ends. As loved ones of family members who either needed help themselves finding a suitable senior living environment, legal advice and action, or something as simple as needing a home modification for this new era that sprung up out of nowhere…or as people offering a shoulder to lean on and helpful advice to a friend or family member trying to assist their loved ones. We remember how uneasy the feeling was and the pressure of those repeating questions running through your head: "Am I doing the right thing? Am I helping them the right way?" We remember first hand.

We've been the healthcare professionals on the other end helping you with your hospital visits, financial concerns, and placement needs. We have seen and helped family after family who all were trying to do what is right. We know how stressful it is. We remember first hand.

So, what do we do? How are we different? We promise to assist you with each step whether great or small. We will help ease your mind of the decisions you are making by showing you facts to reinforce why you made the choice you did. How many times have you heard the following lines: "I know how you're felling, I went through the same thing, I helped a family just like yours." We say NO! WRONG! You are unique. You have your own Individual story. You are not just a number to us, another family we help. We take pride in the connections we make with our families along the way. We know the pressure of living out of state and finding it difficult to provide care for your loved one. It's hard juggling work, then coming home and being a homemaker, and now suddenly you're a caregiver for your senior loved one as well. It's a juggling act. Let Next Stage juggle for you. 

Meet our Founder

Dear Visitor,

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to help people and be there for them during the good and the not-so-good times. However, I was aware that nursing and being "hands on" wasn't for me. I then found a health information management degree and decided to pursue it, which led me to starting my path working in a hospital setting while obtaining my degree and then after. I admired seeing how families stick together just as mine did during these hospital visits. I witnessed how trying the later years in life could get and thought to myself, Wow... I'm lucky my grandparents were in good health and didn't go through much at all in the later years before they passed away. However, I realized that is not always the case, and I thought there has to be something else I can do for our seniors. Being raised by my gram, I have a soft spot for our elderly loved ones. This urge led me to assisted living. I found myself getting extremely close to the families that were coming to tour as well as the residents there. Not everyone has the same needs, fears, or desires. Everyone is different. What might be right for one may not be right for another. After gaining knowledge in assisted living and learning the legal needs of our seniors, I wanted to reach them and their loved ones on a deeper level. I wanted to be the one to help them fulfill the next stage in their story. Life is like a puzzle, and we build all its pieces. I wanted to help our seniors build some of their later puzzle pieces that will lead to new happiness and comfort, not only for them but also for their families and loved ones. I went and received my national certified senior advisor certification and... here I am.

Together with my family, we have over 20 years' experience in the healthcare field and want to share what we have learned over the years with you all. We partner with elder law attorneys who will help you with all the legal paperwork that in reality "you" as a member of society don't always understand. We work with Medicare specialists who will help you get the best and most out of your plan that contains details you don't quite understand. Those are just some of the things I can assist you with.

I promise to walk side by side with you, touring each community that together we decided may be the one for you. I will be at that appointment that you may have some fears of going to. Let's overcome those fears together. I'm here for you and your loved ones just as I was for my dear gram who helped raise me. I promise to give you all my compassion, dedication, time, tears, and laughter. You can do this! I'm just here to help.

Let's find your next home. Let's step into this Next Stage of your life... together.